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For over 20 years we take our customers by hand and make them succeed in obtaining the ce mark fast.

Our testing includes consultancy and limited retests so you will pass the tests faster and at a better rate.

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EMC testing for medical devices


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EMC testing to EN 50155 Railway equipment Investment opportunity

ce-test, qualified testing is for sale.

ce-test, qualified testing bv (private limited company: BV) (PME:1fte) on Electro Magnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety, located in the west of the Netherlands in the middle of a dynamic industrial area (Rotterdam), close to seaport, airport and highway.
Interesting opportunity for a young engineer, looking to expand its horizon, shaping its own future and financial independency. The company has a recurring B2B customer base, with ample room for growth and expansion. Good reputation, efficiency and attractive fiscal situation. Set in an industrial building of about 200 m2 (office and laboratory) on two levels that can be included in the sale or be rent seperately.
The test facilities include a 3 meter fully anechoic chamber, and full range of emission and immunity test equipment and accessories needed to successfully complete CE marking related residential and industrial EMC testing. These facilities can be included in the sales or or be leased for a defined period. Website and well targeted domain name(s) are included.